Addicted to ….. Beer!

My Skewed View

It’s Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday again. This weeks theme is “Addicted”. I think originally it was meant to be addicted to a person. Well, I’m just not that feeling I guess. However, I do have a great love affair with beer. I’m not an alcoholic. Well, maybe a little bit. But, hey! I take care of myself. I’m training to run a marathon next year. I’ll have to blog about that later. For now, here’s my mix tape of my favorites songs about drinking.

This pretty much sums up the the old me. I’m glad I outgrew that phase. When I was in my early 20’s (and a little later 20’s), I was a competitive drinker. I had to drink more, longer than everyone else. I’m not going to claim I was good at it. Those were some of the best nights I’ll never remember….Wait, That’s the next song.

Catchy, strangely up beat for a drinking song, and a blast to sing at the top of your lungs when your hammered. Enough said.

This is the anti drinking song of the bunch. I remember a night when I walked out of the house angry and thought I’d go drink it away. The first song that came on my Ipod was this one. I never left the driveway. This song is probably a big reason why I’m not a raging alcoholic. The fact that it is sung by Kenny Chesney is just a bonus.

For those people who don’t like to think very hard I offer you this little ditty. Simple blueprint for a song. Simple beat, throw some random phrases together that rhyme, and then somewhere in the middle play really loud and just scream “Let’s go drink some BEER!” at the top of your lungs. Sounds good to me.

The first bar I found that had this in the juke box was doomed. I wore this song out, and ticked off a lot of bar patrons in the process. Little safety tip: drunk bar patrons, no matter how much they like Jimmy Buffett, are not amused to hear the same song over and over (and over). Sure, sounds obvious now.

That’s it. Simple, short, and sweet. Ta Ta for now.


Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Songs that tell a Story

My Skewed View

My first post! I’m really not sure what I intend for this blog. I definitely will not be an everyday poster. I was persuaded to join in on Twisted Mixed Tape Tuesday by my contributions to last weeks list by The sadder But Wiser Girl. Jen from my skewed view thought I could contribute nicely. If you want to know more about me, too bad. Maybe another time. I will tell you this. I am not truly evil, nor am I really a genius. I have my moments, but let’s be honest. I am, however an engineer and I often do not sleep. So that much is true. Anyway, without further ado, my list of my favorite songs that tell a story.

I have an unnatural man crush on Gordon Lightfoot. With songs like this, how can I not? Hands down one of my favorite songs of all time. I’ve loved it as long as I can remember. Gordon’s golden voice and a haunting guitar riff are the perfect storm. Get it? Storm? In a song about a sunken ship?

Say what you want about Kenny Rogers, he’s a great story teller. I could think of at least a half dozen of his that could of made this list. This is another one I’ve liked for a long time. Probably because I identified with a lot when I was younger.

The first time I heard this song it was probably one of the most beautiful things I ‘d ever experienced. I loved it so much I wanted to cheat on every other song I’d ever heard. Then I actually listened to lyrics….and wanted to kill myself. The story is depressing, but you can’t beat the harmony of Allison Krauss and Brad Paisley. (and that one is more of real crush than a man crush)

I’m clearing the palette here. I think it took a good 10 minutes to speak after I heard this song the first time. A bit disturbing, but how can you argue with a song that mentions Leonard Nimoy’s butt? The words “Hey, you’ve got weasels on your face” is often quoted in our house. Why, you ask? No reason. The fact the it promotes good air travel safety procedures is just a bonus.

Gotta thank my mom for this one. When I was young she had boxes of cassette tapes. (They were an ancient archaic way of recording and storing music so it could be replayed later. Google it!) Some of them scarred me for life, but I genuinely enjoyed songs like this.

Yep, Mom again. How can you not like a group called “The Irish Rovers”. I warn you, you’ll be singing this one later. Whether you want to or not. Hey, I warned you.

What happens when you mix a rap bad boy with a new age icon? Awesomeness. I didn’t like Eminem when he first came on the scene, but his music has grown on me. Probably because he writes stuff with catchy tunes that your ashamed to sing along with because of the f’d up lyrics. When you add Dido in with that, it’s a win – win for me.

That’s it. I could of added about 2 dozen more, but I’ve already broken the rules listing 7. Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter to me. It was fun to write. Thanks Jen!